Bill Leisner (bill_leisner) wrote,
Bill Leisner

Looks at Books, 2012

As is my long-running New Year's tradition (so long running, that I actually come back to LiveJournal to do it!) here is my annual record of reading for the year just past.

In 2012, I read only 36 books, in large part because I had put recreational reading aside while at work on my own writing... a choice that either caused or exacerbated perceived unpleasantness of the writing process. Coincidentally or not, this year also saw the lowest number of Star Trek books read -- 5 total, not including John Scalzi's Redshirts.

2012 was also my first full year owning a dedicated ebook reader, and 23 of my 36 books were read on that device. Of the 13 books I read in physical form, 6 were purchased as used books, 1 was borrowed from the library, 2 had been purchased new before buying the Nook, meaning 4 were purchased as new, physical books. This makes me a little bit sad.

As he has for the previous 6 years, Ed McBain is my most-read author of the year, and I am now up to 1972 in the adventures of the 87th Precinct. John Scalzi was second with 3 titles, and 6 others followed with 2 titles apiece.

Other stats:
- 2 of the 36 were short story collections (including ReDeus: Divine Tales, to which I had contributed),
- 3 were non-fiction titles,
- 1 was a non-Trek media tie-in (Warehouse 13: A Touch of Fever),
- 15 were part of continuing series,
- 3 of the non-series titles were by new authors

As my favorite reads of the year, I am going to chose:
- After the Golden Age, by Carrie Vaughn - the story of the unpowered daughter of two superheroes, and her complicated relationship with them and their arch-nemesis.
- Cadaver in Chief, by Steve Hockensmith, a political satire that asks, if a presidental candidate were turned to a zombie during the campaign, would anyone notice?
- Hardly Knew Her, by Laura Lippman, a collection of short stories which show off the wide range of talent of one of my current favorite crime writers.

And, to ring in the new year, I have started Star Trek: Voyager: Children of the Storm by Kirsten Beyer. And have plenty more queued up and waiting after that...

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