Bill Leisner (bill_leisner) wrote,
Bill Leisner

DHL Express - Surprise! - Continues to Suck Ass

Long-time readers of BLOG have heard me gripe about the shitty service provided by DHL Express delivery before. And now, you will hear me do so again.

My contracts for the upcoming TNG Anniversary ebook I am writing were to have been delivered to me on Monday. They were not. After obtaining a tracking number from Mr. Pocket Books Editor, I went on line, and saw that delivery had been attempted Monday morning. However, upon calling the 1-888 number on the website, I was told that my package could not be delivered because they had an invalid address.

Well, I was ready to eat crow over all the uncharitable thoughts I had about DHL right then and there. After all, I had just moved, and I still have to stop to think when giving my new addy. It's entirely within the realm of possibility that I screwed up giving my new mailing info to the bosses.

Then the woman reads off the address on the mailing label. Which is correct. Street number, apartment number, city, ZIP code, all correct. "Yeah, that's my address," I say. "Why is it invalid?"

Long pause on the other end. "I'll send it out for delivery again this afternoon." I, of course, hear the unspoken, "Maybe this time you'll be lucky enough to get a driver who gives a shit about doing his job, and has enough sense to look at a fucking map."

But, okay, fine, it'll go out again today. The rep even asks me for my phone number, in case there's any trouble delivering it today, they can get in touch.

Anyone want to guess the outcome?

That's right: it still wasn't delivered this afternoon. In fact, according to the website, there hasn't been any activity at all since the alleged attempt on Monday. I could be generous an assume that, despite best efforts, the envelope couldn't get on a truck in time for afternoon deliveries, and that it will go out bright and early Wednesday.

I get the feeling I'm eventually going to end up driving out to the depot instead.

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